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Rethinking banking for the truly digital consumer in the age of embedded finance

Delivering compelling, consumer-led truly digital service models with the full possibilities of the modern digital landscape is essential to your future success

Satisfying rapidly-evolving consumer demand

Whether you’re an established global retail banking provider, a digital payment scale-up, a private equity backed specialist lender, a venture capital funded FinTech, or a family office backed neobank, you face the same challenge: rapidly evolving consumer behaviours and expectation.

Thanks to the ever-evolving regulatory environment, the increasing dominance of embedded finance and the rise of digital-native challengers and disruptors, you need to rethink your products and services – potentially even your business model.

Providing talent solutions to drive change in your business

Sheffield Haworth’s extensive network of experienced transformation professionals and our deep market knowledge mean we can provide the right combination of leadership and talent advisory services to help you:

Define your niche as a challenger to the incumbents
Take back market share from challengers an incumbent
Develop new products and services that balance growth and customer profitability
Build the right foundations for sustainable growth, combining start-up agility and culture with experience of regulatory governance and conduct
Leverage open banking and embedded finance
Create a genuine end-to-end, truly digital offering for customers
Improving diversity and inclusion and win the race for transformational talent
Bring a fresh perspective to your leadership
Grow new skillsets around your non-executive board table
Drive strategic success with your investors

Diversity & Inclusion: getting the best candidate for the role

At Sheffield Haworth, every talent engagement includes a focus on diversity and inclusion. You need the best person for the role, and our approach helps to mitigate selection bias and emphasises the value of diversity of thought. When you need the best talent, we help you find it – whatever their background.

Organisations we work with

Big Banks
Challenger / Specialist /Neo Banks
Non-Bank Consumer Lending & FinTech Financial Platforms
Non Bank SME Lending
Mortgages and Servicing
Payments & Incumbent Tech
FinTech Tech

Our specialists

Tom Arnall


Tom Forrest
Tom Forrest

Managing Director

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