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Every business makes an impact on the world

Today, that means going beyond delighting customers and rewarding shareholders to considering our influence on the wider world and local communities


At Sheffield Haworth, we’re passionate about not just the impact we make with the organisations and people we work with, but the legacy we’re creating on environmental, social, and governance (ESG). 

We have a responsibility to ensure that we promote inclusion and diversity and good governance and minimise our environmental impact in everything we do.

ESG at Sheffield Haworth

We have put in place several initiatives to help us meet key UN Sustainability goals.

We also regularly consult our employees to ensure the actions we take as a business represent the ESG priorities of our people.


Offering a flexible working environment promoting work-life balance and staff health and wellbeing

Diversity & Inclusion

Driving diversity and intersectionality to ensure we perform at the highest level for our clients and become an employer of choice

Community Engagement

Giving back to the communities we serve through volunteering and charitable giving

Environmental Reporting

Understanding and mitigating the carbon footprint of our business activities


We have a dedicated committee that sets internal ESG goals, measures our performance against those goals, and regularly reports back to our employees on progress and next steps.

SH Global ESG Report 2021

Over a 28 year history, our company has built a reputation for high quality and utmost integrity in the way we work with both clients and individuals. That extends to the way in which we consider our responsibility as a global corporation, the example we set and role we play more widely across society. In this inaugural report we outline some of the initiatives we have put in place to demonstrate our commitment and responsibility towards the communities we serve and to the environment.

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