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Attracting and retaining the best talent is key to business success

Organisations need top talent to compete in an increasingly volatile and rapidly-evolving business world, and your human resources leaders are pivotal to this.

Organisations need senior HR professionals who can continually adapt and change while sourcing and developing the right talent to help drive business performance.

Your HR function needs to work with your executive teams to develop an integrated talent management model and futureproof your workforce by developing and engaging new and existing talent.

Sheffield Haworth’s global reach across the financial services, business and professional services, corporate and technology industries means that we have access to a wealth of cross-sector Human Resources talent.

In addition to sourcing permanent HR executive leaders, if your business lacks specific technical knowledge or strategic expertise, requires executive leadership capability or is undergoing change, our network of highly qualified, executive HR interim leaders can provide the flexible short- to mid-term support you need. 

Our dedicated talent advisory practice can also help you to:

Build and implement diversity and inclusion programmes and strategies
Succession plan
Set up talent coaching
Apply talent assessment for recruitment or development

Helen Tudor

Managing Director & member of the Senior Advisory Board

Oli Templeton

Executive Director