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Seeking competitive advantage by sourcing the best leadership talent

Global private equity assets under management are forecast to reach $5.8 trillion by 2025

Private Equity

In an increasingly crowded market, private equity firms are seeking competitive advantage by sourcing and developing the best talent for themselves and their portfolio leadership teams. With our tailored leadership and talent advisory services, we support PE companies, portfolio companies, and limited partners to maximise value in the following sectors:

Financial services

Talent that combines technological and commercial instincts with solid financial and regulatory experience is becoming increasingly important for PE funds and portfolio companies looking for sustainable growth.


Private equity firms have increased their investment in the tech sector over the last decade, particularly in the US. Seeking out talent that can ignore hype and seek out value is now table stakes for success in the sector – both within portfolio companies and private equity firms.

Professional services

Private equity firms are increasingly investing in professional services M&A deals, a trend that’s only likely to increase due to the reliable, recurring revenues that companies in the sector tend to generate.

Our specialists

Alex Cormack

Group Managing Director

Julian Bell

Managing Director and Head of Americas

Christopher Smailes

Managing Director

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Managing Director

Henry Spence

Managing Director

Nicholas Sehmer

Executive Director

Ben Richardson

Managing Director

Paul Gillespie

Managing Director

Steve Morrison

Managing Director

Jennifer Novack

Managing Director

Emily Von Kohorn

Managing Director

Abhishek Vats

Managing Director and Head of Middle East

Ben Johnson

Managing Director

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