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Combining technological innovation with commercial instincts, financial experience and regulatory knowledge is key to your continuing success

Translating innovation into long-term commercial success

The FinTech sector has experienced startling and disruptive growth over the last 10 years, but now you need to shift focus. Whether you’re a startup or a scale-up, you need to translate your technological innovation into tangible business benefits. Not only do you need to continue to offer world-class customer service; you also need to navigate a complex regulatory landscape while increasing customer lifetime value and optimising returns for your investors.

A specialist company like yours needs specialist talent, which is often hard to come by. You typically need to combine your existing technology knowledge with commercial savvy, regulatory know-how, and seasonal financial experience.

Sourcing the skills you need

That’s why, at Sheffield Haworth, we specialise in selection and search, assessment and strategic advisory to help you build out your senior leadership team. Our plethora of networks reach across the following areas:

Retail Banking
Risk, Governance & Compliance
Asset Management
Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention
Reconciliation Settlement
Trading & Brokering
Financial Management

So whatever your talent needs, we have the cross-sector expertise and global reach means we can help, delivering the right talent for key FinTech roles, including:

Non-Executive Chairs/Non-Executive Directors
CEOs, MDs & GMs
COOs & Operations Directors
Sales & Marketing Leaders
CTOs/VP Engineering
Chief Product Officers/Product Directors
Chief People & Culture Officers

Find out more about our recent work in the following FinTech sub-sectors:

Diversity & Inclusion: finding the best candidate for the role

At Sheffield Haworth, every talent engagement includes a focus on diversity and inclusion. You need the best person for the role, and our approach helps to mitigate selection bias and emphasises the value of diversity of thought. When you need the best talent, we help you find it – whatever their background.

Our specialists

Mark Dixon

Managing Director & Global Head of Functions

Daniel Woodgate
Daniel Woodgate

Managing Director

Tom Arnall
Tom Arnall


Ben Johnson

Managing Director

Paul Gillespie

Managing Director

Steve Morrison

Managing Director

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