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While InsurTech investment continues to hit record levels, the nature of that investment is becoming more selective

Striving to meet customer needs

With Insurtech investment increasing rapidly, VCs and corporate VCs (CVCs) are now focusing more on the leadership and culture of the teams they invest in. At the same time, VCs and incumbents look to InsurTechs to help build insurance ecosystems to provide frictionless, integrated services for today’s fast-evolving customer needs.

Your priorities
Building insurance ecosystems

According to McKinsey, digital ecosystems will account for 30% of global revenues by 2025, dominating or disrupting multiple sectors. How can Insurance best harness this powerful new operating model?

The future of leadership

More than ever, VCs and CVCs are focused on the leadership teams of the businesses they invest in. But what does good leadership look like?

Building the right culture

Startup culture has traditionally been about hustling, working long hours, and “getting things done”. Today, however, there is an increasing awareness that such culture can become toxic and unsustainable.

Insurtech Talent Solutions
Case studies

We have worked with a range of Insurtechs to deliver multiple solutions across executive search and leadership advisory solutions.

Executive Search for advance flood risk management Insurtech
Multiple Solutions – Executive Search, Focus Group, Pilot
OPEX Transformation

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