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Enterprise software and SaaS firms need an edge in an increasingly unpredictable market driven by changing buyer behaviour

Transforming transformational businesses

Whether you’re a high-growth, “cloud-first” business, an established on-premise software provider, or the developer of an innovative AI platform, your goal is the same: to offer unrivalled value to your customers.

Enterprise software and SaaS has been one of the major drivers of business change in the last decade as the global economy has shifted to a service-based IT model. Now, you’re likely facing increasing competition, changing buyer behaviours and preferences, and an unpredictable economic environment. Not to mention the need to stay one step ahead of new technology.

Delivering business growth through great leadership

Your need for flexible yet visionary leadership to maximise customer value has never been greater. You need leadership talent to help drive technology transformation and deliver improved go-to-market and delivery models. Innovative, lateral thinkers who can lead, inspire, and drive change, productivity, and long-term profit.

Recent placements

CEO – North America, Chief Support Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Product Officer, European Sales Director, Managing Director – Netherlands

Chief Technology Officer, Group Architect, VP Sales x 2, Development Director, VP Customer Support

Sales Director x 4 (Germany, Netherlands, APAC & UK), Solutions Consulting Director x 3 (APAC, UK & EMEA)

Chief Financial Officer, Non-Executive Director

A talent services partner with passion for your sector

Whether you’re looking to boost profitability, increase efficiency, deliver more business value – or all three – look no further than SH Gillamor Stephens for your talent needs. Our track record of partnering with some of the world’s most forward-thinking enterprise software service companies means we understand the nuances of your business.

Our passion and knowledge of your sector allow us to represent you as a compelling proposition to well-matched candidates to deliver the best executive talent in the market for all key board functions and non-executive teams. 

Example areas of our technology focus are:

AI and Machine learning
Vertical market specific solutions
Cyber Security
No code/Low code platform
Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management
Human Capital Management
Big Data & Data Analytics (AaaS)
Digital, Social Media & Online
Infrastructure Software and Services

Diversity & Inclusion: getting the best candidate for the role

At Sheffield Haworth, every talent engagement includes a focus on diversity and inclusion. You need the best person for the role, and our approach helps to mitigate selection bias and emphasises the value of diversity of thought. When you need the best talent, we help you find it – whatever their background.

Current opportunities:

Sales Director France – SaaS AI business in Grocery Retail Market
Enterprise Sales and Strategy Director
Chief Technology Officer- Digital Transformation Business

Insights from industry leaders across the technology sector

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The Real Secret to Advanced’s Success – Gordon WIlson, CEO, Advanced
Practical career advice for women in tech – Rebecca Weekly, VP Hardware Systems, Cloudflare

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