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Talent Intelligence

The most successful companies today know how to use their most precious asset, their people, as a differentiator.

They not only make the right decisions, they move at lightning speed using actionable intelligence about their business and their people. 

We call this talent intelligence.

What is talent intelligence?
How can it help organisations?
How does Sheffield Haworth support organisations?
Our Approach

The companies that are positioned to outperform – today, tomorrow, and beyond – are the companies whose leaders not only practise talent intelligence but also optimize it by putting in place the systems, protocols and leadership that allow them to leverage it to the fullest. 

They use talent intelligence, intelligently.

Sample of successful initiatives

People Analytics Strategy and Execution
DEI and ESG Strategies and Profiling
Headcount and Client Segmentation Analysis
Assessment of Business / Product / Service Opportunities
Real-Time Labor Market Data Analysis By Product and Region
Customized Talent Blueprints and Benchmarking
Real Time Forensic Talent Insights
Due Diligence On New Growth Markets Or Product Entries
Boomerang Employee Analysis
Compensation Analytics and Benchmarking
Talent Thought Leadership
Expert Witness Introductions
Organizational Talent Advisory
Employee Engagement and Competitor Overviews
Talent Acquisition and Retention Overviews
Bespoke Compensation Analysis and Design
If it is true that organizations are only as good as the people in them then the way through this uncertain moment is building superior talent-intelligence

To find out more please contact Richard Stein to find out more about how your organization can use talent intelligence to outperform in the competition for talent.

Richard Stein
Richard Stein

Managing Director