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REAL ASSETS – Energy & Natural resources

Energy & Natural Resources: Enabling the pathway to Net Zero

The sector requires ambitious, innovative talent and leadership with intent to achieve Net Zero

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Getting the balance right

Energy investing is a difficult balance. Asset managers, corporates, investment banks, private equity funds, merchant traders, and venture capital firms alike must deal with increased regulatory scrutiny, divergent public policy and financial incentives, local communities, and reputational risks – all while seeking healthy long-term returns.

After all, transitioning to sustainable energy is not going to happen without sustainable commercials.

Genuine expertise is hard to find

Your senior leaders and analysts need to balance a range of often conflicting priorities with the solid financial grounding and knowledge of emerging renewable technologies to spot genuine innovations with long-term growth potential. Flexibility, lateral thinking, and empathy are becoming just as vital as financial analysis, public relations, and technical knowledge. It’s a difficult balance to get right, and the right talent is thin on the ground.

Combining traditional talent advisory services with innovative thinking

As the sector evolves, we are continually developing relationships with finance, investment and corporate sectors, with an increasing number of technology enabled new energy businesses. Many of our clients have evolved and moved into new roles including business heads, CEO’s, investors and advisors in supporting ‘the Transition to Net Zero’.  Our client portfolio includes investment banks, merchant traders (and their portfolio companies), utilities and asset managers who we partner with to fulfil their senior level hiring requirements.

More specifically in portfolio companies, we typically work with clients on hiring at GM, ExCo & Board level; on the Buyside we place asset managers and principals and on the sell side we work at VP level and upwards.

The practice follows four key themes:

Transitionary Fuels

Sustainable Resources

Technology Enabled New Energies


Whatever your talent needs, our growing network means we can help. With access to some of the best minds in the business and our longstanding track record of providing world class leadership and talent advisory services, we can augment your senior leadership teams, provide short term expertise and advice, and help assess the management teams of potential investment targets.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sheffield Haworth supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Ending poverty, improving health and education, reducing inequality, and spurring economic growth must go hand in hand with tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Diversity & Inclusion: getting the best candidate for the role

At Sheffield Haworth, every talent engagement includes a focus on diversity and inclusion. You need the best person for the role, and our approach helps to mitigate selection bias and emphasises the value of diversity of thought. When you need the best talent, we help you find it – whatever their background.

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