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Oli Templeton

Executive Director


Oli leads Sheffield Haworth’s Interim Management practice across all of the firm’s verticals with an emphasis on Financial Services. As part of the Sheffield Haworth consulting model, Oli and his team have been instrumental in accelerating change in organizations so they can move forward with certitude and confidence. The extensive network of interim executives that Oli oversees are catalysts for accelerating such change and therefore ensuring organizations fully optimize their goals in a rapidly changing environment.

Short-term managers have a unique set of skills that make them extremely valuable to transitioning companies, and in a post pandemic world have become even more so. As a result, Oli has extensive experience across the entire chain of the C Suite including but not limited to CEOs, COOs, CRO’s, CFOs, CMOs, and CIOs to successfully drive forward this change.

When time-critical leadership needs arise, Oli and the team at Sheffield Haworth are already well prepared. The global resources and expertise available to Oli enables him to deploy exceptionally qualified interim leaders who can assess complex business challenges efficiently and then implement solutions effectively. Interim Management at Sheffield Haworth is a great solution for addressing short-term talent needs that arise as a result of acquisitions, unexpected resignations or the launching of critical special assignments. Through the rigorous process Oli and team employ, our clients can gain access to prevetted executives when gaps and requirements occur.

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