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Sheffield Haworth Diversity Talks – In conversation with Silja Turville, Coach and Mentor, wellbeing and neurodiversity Specialist

This month, our podcast looks at Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD for short.

Gaelle Pritchard the lead for the neurodiversity work stream at Sheffield Haworth talks with SIlja Turville, a Neurodiversity life and business coach, about her work with neurodivergent adults that are seeking to develop or grow their careers. Silja herself has lived experience of ADHD and gives a very personal insight into the workings of ADHD mind. 

 Silja is sharing her expertise and insight on how people with ADHD think differently and the positive aspects of the holistic thought processes that are commonly present in people with this particular type of  nuerodiversity.  The main takeaway is that ADHD is very much unique to the individual.