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Key Senior Hiring Trends Within Global Insurance, January 2023

Welcome to our global insurance senior hires trends update, featuring interactive charts and a deeper dive into selected hires and internal moves over the last month.

All our insurance sector hiring data covers senior level appointments, moves and promotions, sourced from TALNT, Sheffield Haworth’s proprietary AI-driven platform for tracki+9ng executive moves, which gathers and analyses data from 3000+ reputable public sources around the globe.

Global senior insurance hires, January 2023

The following chart shows the overall trend in senior global insurance hires since January 2021 – covering two full years. After a slowdown in senior appointments in November and December, January has seen a dramatic comeback, with the second highest peak in terms of senior moves in any month since the beginning of 2021.

Global senior insurance hires by sub sector, May 2021 – January 2023

Looking deeper at senior hiring trends by sub-sector, we can see the biggest increases in January were in Non-Life and Reinsurance, with most of the other sub-sectors holding fairly steady. Indeed, we can see a slight decline in Life and Brokers, but it’s a minor change compared with December.

Gender balance of senior global insurance hires, January 2023

Of the new senior appointments we tracked last month, the global gender diversity was slightly higher than the usual monthly average. The global percentage of senior female hires was 31%. Americas led the way, with almost 40% of senior appointments there being women, while APAC also  showed a good rate of 33%. EMEA pulled down the average, with only around one in five senior appointments there being women.    

Top 10 companies with the most new appointments in January 2023

Here are the global insurance businesses who made the most senior appointments in November, according to the publicly-available sources tracked in TALNT. AXA XL and Philadelphia led the way in terms of numbers, but we can also see some healthy numbers for Everest and Liberty Specialty Markets, which echoes the trends picked up by Nick Roscoe in his analysis of Q4 talent trends in the UK insurance market.