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Key hiring trends within Global Insurance – May 2021

May 2021

Overall trends

May saw the number of new hires rise to 119 from 87 in April, an increase of 37%. The Non-life subsector accounted for 70% of these, while Lockton hired for the highest number of roles. Across the industry, there were far more board appointments than any other roles:

Board appointments in the global insurance industry, May 2021: who has moved?

Here is a complete breakdown of all the board appointments with the global insurance industry in May, including executive and non-executive directors. As you can see, of the 24 appointments, around a third of them were women:

Board appointments, May 2021 – which industries have they come from?

Looking at board appointments in EMEA, AsiaPAC, and the Americas in May, 54% of those were from within the insurance industry. Looking in more detail at the hires from outside the industry shows that 17% came from the Consulting sector, 12.5% from Banking, and 8% each from Technology and Infrastructure.

Gender balance in new hires, May 2021

Of the total 119 new hires we tracked this month, the average global gender split was 29% women and 71% men – the same percentage split as we saw in April. Broken down by region, we see that 37% of new EMEA hires in May were women, up from 24% in April. 27% of new hires in the Americas were women, a slight decrease from the 29% we saw in April. 11% of new hires in AsiaPAC were women in May, a steep drop from the 86% seen in April.

Top 10 companies with the most new hires in May 2021

Here are the global insurance businesses who have hired the most staff during May:

Top 10 roles global insurers have been hiring for in May 2021

Within those 10 companies who hired the most, here are the top 10 roles they’ve hired for:

Global insurance hiring trends by sub-sector, April 2021

Breaking down the global insurance hiring trends by sub-sector, we see that Non-life accounted for 70% of new hires, Reinsurance for 15%, Life Insurance for 8%, Insurtech for 5%, and Brokers & Intermediaries 3%: