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Key hiring trends within Global Insurance – June 2021

June 2021

Overall trends

June saw over 100 new senior appointments in insurers in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA regions. The Non-life subsector accounted for almost half (49.1%) of these. Abacai hired the most, followed by AON and DARAG. Across the industry, there were more new underwriting and CEO roles than any other:

Gender balance in new senior appointments, June 2021

Of the new senior appointments we tracked this month, the average global gender split was 24% women and 76% men. Broken down by region, we see that 17% of new EMEA appointments in June were women. 31% of new appointments in the Americas were women, an increase from the 27% seen in May. In AsiaPAC, 17% of new senior appointments were women.

Top 10 companies with the most new appointments in June 2021

Here are the global insurance businesses who have made the most senior appointments during June:

Top 10 senior roles global insurers have been hiring for in June 2021

Within those 10 companies who hired the most, here are the top 10 roles they’ve hired for:

Global insurance senior hiring trends by sub-sector, June 2021

Breaking down the global insurance hiring trends by sub-sector, we see that Non-life accounted for 49.1% of new appointments, Reinsurance for 22.3%, InsurTech for 12.5%, Brokers & Intermediaries for 8.9%, and Life Insurance for 7.1%:

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