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Key Hiring Trends Within Global Insurance

April 2021

Sheffield Haworth outpaces wider insurance industry on gender diversity

In 2020, 67% of Sheffield Haworth’s Insurance Practice placements were women, compared with an average of 42% of new senior hires across the global insurance industry in the same period.

We’re very proud of our role in supporting increased diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry in 2020, and look forward to doing more of the same in 2021.

Board appointments in the global insurance industry, April 2021

Tracking board appointments in EMEA, AsiaPAC, and the Americas this month, 43% of those were from within the insurance industry. Looking in more detail at hires from outside the industry shows that 50% came from the Consumer sector, with the rest coming from Consulting, Tech Services, and Wealth Management.

Gender balance in new hires, April 2021

Of the total 87 new hires we tracked this month, the average global gender split was 29% women and 71% men. Broken down by region, we see the gender split in EMEA and Americas was very similar, at 24% of new EMEA hires and 28% of new hires in the Americas being women. Insurance businesses in AsiaPAC hired a much high proportion of women this month, at 86%.

Top 10 companies with the most new hires in April 2021

Here are the global insurance businesses who have hired the most staff during April:

Top 10 roles global insurers have been hiring for in April 2021

Within those 10 companies who hired the most, here are the top 10 roles they’ve hired for:

Global insurance hiring trends by sub-sector, April 2021

Here are the hiring trends within Non-Life Insurance, Reinsurance, Life Insurance, Brokers & Intermediaries, and Insurtech over the last month:

For more information about how our insurance practice can help you increase diversity within your organisation, please contact Ben Johnson.