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How to emerge from the pandemic stronger – a lens on gender diversity

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities between women and men in the workplace, with many pre-COVID strategies for levelling the field no longer fit for purpose. Businesses across the globe are now presented with an unprecedented opportunity for change

As we move towards ‘the next normal’, our panel discusses

“How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted gender diversity, and how can we make the most of the opportunity for change presented by a post-virus recovery?”

We examine:

  • What have we learned from people being at home last year?
  • How did that impact gender equality?
  • What changes have you made to improve gender parity – both for your customers and your employees?

Watch the discussion now:

About our panellists

Pamela Hackett

CEO, Proudfoot

Pamela Hackett is CEO of global, operations, management consulting firm Proudfoot, and the author of Manage to Engage – How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results. With 35 years of consulting experience, Pam has advised, led and supported some of the world’s leading brands in navigating change. Pamela is on a quest to help companies and their teams build businesses that are both fit and healthy – productive and engaged. She has an unwavering commitment to people solutions and believes leaders can make their numbers and have people who love coming to work. It starts with them – how they manage to engage and the ecosystems they build. She considers Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to require that same approach. What’s good for all people is good for business.

Wendy Palmer

UK Technology COO & DEI Lead UK Technology, HSBC

Wendy joined HSBC in November 2017 and is currently the UK Technology COO. She has over 30 years’ experience of working in Finance and Operations across multiple industries, including Distribution, Publishing, Telecoms and Financial Services, working for large corporate institutions such as Barclays, British Telecom and Lloyds.  Wendy is a strong leader, and her personal values are built on integrity, trust and a passionate conviction around everything she does.  She believes that all allies have a critical role to play in creating an inclusive workplace, wherein all feel safe to openly discuss concerns in a collaborative and complementary way.

Denise Nelson

Director, Datacenter Marketing at NVIDIA

Denise is an award-winning global marketing executive focused on orchestrating game-changing initiatives that catapult products and companies to industry leadership. Her passion is creating and implementing go-to-market strategies with a focus on customer-centric value propositions to inform multi-channel campaigns, high profile events, social media, press and analyst reports. She has lead numerous global business transformation initiatives, having managed $600M business at Microsoft and been chosen for executive rotation to support the Bill Gates’ Trustworthy Computing initiative.

Georgina Harley

Group Managing Director, Head of New Services & Sectors, Sheffield Haworth

Georgina joined Sheffield Haworth as a Group Managing Director and member of the Executive Management Committee in 2020.  She is responsible for key growth areas within the business including Consulting and Technology Services, Talent Development and Advisory and Interim & Consultancy Services.  Prior to joining Sheffield Haworth, Georgina was a Partner at Mercer Consulting, the world’s leading Human Resource Consulting business.  During her nineteen-year career with Mercer, she held a number of management and leadership roles in Sydney and London, including P&L management of growth businesses, international expansion of products and services, led multiple acquisitions and integrations, and managed cross functional teams.