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Sourcing the talent you need to support your growth

In an ever more competitive world, attracting the best, diverse, talent will give you the edge

Whatever your business challenges, Sheffield Haworth can help

Whatever the services you offer, you face a range of challenges in today’s uncertain economy. Continuing to offer stellar customer service, adapting to a more digital world, talent retention, promoting diversity and inclusion, succession planning, launching new products and services, or entering new geographic markets.

You support businesses with their needs, but do you have the support to find the right talent for your needs? Is your senior leadership optimised for high performance? Is it forward looking? Is it inclusive – and does it promote inclusivity?

Sourcing next-gen talent for a next-gen world
Outsourced services
Information service providers
Payment solutions
Market Research / Analytics

As a professional services business ourselves, we understand the challenges you may face. And the kind of talent you need on your senior leadership team to gain a competitive edge. 

We have a proven track record of helping SMEs with their growth and talent acquisition strategies, as well as supporting firms going through mergers and acquisitions. If you’re struggling to increase your diversity of thought, we can help there too, with a range of services to ensure you select the best talent regardless of background.

Whether you need to build out a new executive team, augment your senior leadership with more specific expertise, or grow the business, we can help. Just as we’ve helped the following clients:

Sales & Marketing
Regional / Managing Director
Supply Chain

Case study

Evaluation of leadership of a rapidly growing business services organisation

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