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Specialist Consulting: Transformation. Enabled.

We bring leading practitioners with hands-on experience in operational roles to partner with our clients and build long-standing partnerships

Your partner for cost-effective, results-focused programme delivery

As the world emerges from the pandemic, financial services firms are prioritising business critical transformation, managing renewed regulatory scrutiny and driving operational resilience to support sustainable growth. Meanwhile, continuing uncertainty has reinforced the need for strategic thinking and cost-effective, results-focused programme delivery.  Whether you need support with a regulator-mandated project to tight deadlines or a change programme in need of delivery focused outcomes, engaging highly skilled, focused practitioners is often the most effective solution.

Our Core Values

Our core values set us apart from our competitors and is a key differentiator in our client’s experience.

How we work

At Sheffield Haworth, we have a holistic approach to transformation that builds longstanding business partnerships and places integrity, trust and precision at the forefront of an outcomes-based delivery. Our Advisors and Delivery teams draw from a network of consultants with an excellent blend of industry and consulting experience. Almost all of them have over a decade of deep industry experience, while some have also worked within one of the Big Four consulting firms. They know the regulations, the products, the technology, and the market and support you in solving your business challenges.

Areas of expertise

Risk and Resilience
Regulation and Compliance
Technology and Data

Working with us


Short term pieces of work which could include scoping, gap analysis, benchmarking, design exercises or client workshops

Managed Service

Provision of a team with Partner led QA to deliver specific projects or work streams for outcome-based initiatives


Highly skilled expert market practitioners to join in flight transformation programmes

Interim Management

Adding flexibility and experience where you need it most; the perfect solution for the range of challenges your business faces

Transformation, Culture & Leadership Coaching

Agile and distributed working, coaching for performance and resilience at individual and team level

When to engage us for Change Management

Scenario 1

Immediate and pressing programme remediation

Scenario 2


Scenario 3


Our specialists

Marie Cuffaro

Managing Director

Adriaan Hugo

Executive Director

Oli Templeton
Oli Templeton

Executive Director

Grainne Costello

Client Manager

Chris Kapsalis

Delivery Manager


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