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How Talent Intelligence helps your organization thrive during economic uncertainty  

Organisations with the best people will win...

In today’s ever-shifting business world and unpredictable global economy, being “good enough” won’t cut it. You need to be flexible and able to adapt quickly, and that means leveraging your most valuable asset – your people.  

Organizations with the best people will win. It’s that simple. So how do you stand out in the race for top talent – especially in such a competitive market? You do it with practical and actionable intelligence that provides critical insights to help you and your organization stay several steps ahead of your competitors. This is where Talent Intelligence comes in. 

Talent Intelligence is Sheffield Haworth’s process for gathering and analysing data around the talent in your organization, your competitors, and your wider market.  

  • You gain key insights into the skills and gaps in your teams, identifying the capabilities you need to hire for.  
  • You learn about the metrics, operating models, and tech infrastructures of your competitors, so you can see their strengths and weaknesses – and see how you compare.  
  • What’s more, you’ll understand what the top talent in your market wants and expects from their employer – from compensation, remote working, flexible hours, and benefits to culture and values. That way, you’ll avoid getting gazumped by one of your competitors when you’re about to make an offer.  

And that’s not all. As we all know, more diverse organizations are also typically more innovative and more profitable. That’s why, with Talent Intelligence, you get insights into how to attract more diverse talent into your organization. It will also show you how your diversity compares with your key competitors and your industry. 

“In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, it is crucial to have better intelligence than your rivals if you want to get an edge in the race for talent,” says Richard Stein, Head of Strategic Client Research and Advisory at Sheffield Haworth. 

With Talent Intelligence, you’ll also be able to: 

  • Understand your competitors’ leadership, company culture, and compensation practices 
  • Profile the next generation of up-and-comers in your industry  
  • Find out which firms your competitors are hiring from – including in other sectors and industries 
  • Build a sustainable leadership succession plan 
  • Attract the best and most diverse talent to your organization 

In short, with all these insights, Talent Intelligence can soon make you the employer of choice in your industry – and help you attract the top talent you need to stay flexible, profitable, and successful in the months and years ahead. 

For more information on how Talent Intelligence could benefit your organization, contact Richard Stein