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Helping organisations attract, retain and develop the talent of the future

Organisations can’t afford to only be focused on the today, they need think further ahead to the future.  Who are the future leaders of your organisation?  Do you have the right talent pipeline in place for future leaders?  Is there succession planning in place?  What are you doing to increase diversity within your organisation?

Organisations need to be invested in and equipped to protect their talent as well as attracting future talent to their organisation.

We offer a range of talent development services; delivering expert advice and solutions to board directors, senior executives and talent leaders across financial services, business & professional services, corporate and digital and technology organisations.

Working closely in partnership with you, we’ll help you with future talent engagement and talent insight around succession and diversity planning, business continuity and growth as well as Coaching, Leadership & Development and Management Due Diligence.

Talent Insight

In depth research projects and analysis  designed to provide clients with the knowledge to understand and address talent trends, competitors, market  challenges and prospects.

Talent Engagement & Succession Planning

Initiating the engagement of a passive talent pool on behalf of a client to build sustainable relationships to satisfy future hiring demands across senior, niche and business critical roles.

Coaching, Leadership & Development

Providing organisations with bespoke coaching and leadership programmes to nurture executive talent and top tiers of management to develop them for future roles and assists in succession planning.

Management Due Diligence

A robust assessment of the strengths and risks associated with the management team and of their capability to grow, change and adapt to achieve  business objectives.


If you would like to find out more about our Talent Development & Advisory Services please contact Tim McEwan.

Lead Consultants

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Tim McEwan

Managing Director

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Peter Burditt

Leadership Development Consultant

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Sandra Aldridge

Talent Advisory Consultant

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Gaëlle Pritchard

Executive Director

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