Sheffield Haworth & IR35

A Message To Clients:


The Off Payroll Regulations (commonly known as IR35) will change from 6th April 2021. The requirement to determine whether a piece of work is deemed to be “inside” or “outside” the IR35 regulations will now fall to the end-user, typically Sheffield Haworth’s clients.   

We understand that this may place a greater administrative burden on you and that you may feel the risk to your business and the extended supply chain.  You will also be conscious of a potential increase in costs to engage Interim and Consulting resources. 

The changes to Off Payroll working regulations come at a time when many organisations are either in the midst of, or considering embarking on, significant transformation of their business due to COVID 19. 

The use of high impact subject matter experts to drive this transformation is critical and you need to know that you can rely on your partners to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Rest assured that Sheffield Haworth has solutions in place to support you:


  • We will work with you to assess each piece of work using widely accepted tools. Where work is assessed as being “outside IR35” we will indemnify you from any claims by HMRC.  This means there is ZERO RISK to you when you engage an Interim using their own limited company  (i.e., Personal Service Company).  


  • We can offer you a PAYE payroll solution. So, in cases where we are providing Interims or Consulting Associates “inside IR35” on a daily rate we can confirm there is ZERO RISK to you.


  • We will employ Interims or Consulting Associates on a Fixed Term Contract basis and second them to you for assignments “inside IR35” (where appropriate). This means there is ZERO RISK to you. 


  • Should you wish to engage one of our Interims on your own payroll (Fixed Term Contract) for a specific assignment, we will work with you to ensure the conditions of employment secure the best person for your business. There is ZERO RISK to you if you engage Interims via Sheffield Haworth in this way.  


  • Our SH Consulting practice operates on a fixed cost, Statement of Work (SoW) basis with clearly defined objectives, milestones and deliverables for each project. Work is delivered by a blend of permanent employees and Consulting Associates.  We will indemnify you against any IR35 related claims from HMRC should you wish to use any Consulting Associates for a project.  There is ZERO RISK to your business from an IR35 perspective when engaging SH Consulting in this way.        

It is important that you, as an existing or potential client, know that Sheffield Haworth will work in step with you.  We will ensure that all Off Payroll work is delivered without IR35 risk.


To discuss your transformation needs or how to cover business critical gaps in your organisation please contact us