Report Examines The Strategies Producing Success In The Unconstrained Bond & Multi-Sector Credit Fund Space – November 2016

With central banks eyeing new interest rate moves, unconstrained bond funds and multi-sector credit funds have had a rough couple of years. After seeing a bullish run-up following the financial crisis, many of the funds in the category have seen outflows as yield-hungry institutions seek out other options.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fund managers out there doing an exceptional job—and posting solid results. How are they able to do it?

As Sheffield Haworth’s latest report suggests, it all comes down to: Right Strategy, Right Manager, Right Environment.

Authored by Chris Smailes, who heads up Sheffield Haworth’s Asset Management Practice in the US, this in-depth report details:

+ The history, advantages and current state of the fund category
+ Head winds asset managers face as central banks weigh new rate hikes
+ The key characteristics that the most successful fund managers share
+ Fund structures that have proven to be most advantageous and why
+ Key talent considerations when building research and portfolio teams
+ What impacts fund success more – performance or distribution (it’s an interesting answer!)

Mr. Smailes also provides a detailed breakdown and analyses of the strongest fund management teams in the space and why their unique structures work where others fail.

Download the full report for free here. No registration required.

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