Consulting Skills for 2030 – A report into the biggest impact and opportunities on consulting skills in the lead up to 2030 – March 2019

Sheffield Haworth is delighted to have sponsored a report by the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence (CMCE), a not-for-profit organisation that brings together management consultants, academics and other stakeholders in the management consulting community.  Research was conducted into the skills that management consultants will need to sell and deliver assignments in 2030.

Data was sourced from 157 respondents through face to face interviews and an online survey. The respondents comprised not only consultants and their clients, but a broad range of stakeholders. The consultants came from both large and small firms, and many have management experience in industry.

Respondents were asked to rank and comment on a number of technology and societal drivers of change, in terms of the scale of their likely impact on the skills needed by consultants. The survey then asked whether the traditional skills of a consultant (change management and the like) would still be relevant by 2030.

Cyber Security (as a risk management skill) came out top in the impact rankings, with cyber risks being seen by respondents as a potential massive roadblock to a digital future beset by “unknown unknowns”. How to assess the risks, and how much of an organisation’s limited resources should be expended, in a context where assailants are out to destroy your business or steal your IP?  While there will continue to be a technical battle between the good and bad guys, management consultants will be expected to drive board level discussions on steering their clients’ businesses through the cyber minefield.

Download the full report for free here. No registration required.

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