'Perspectives' webinars in partnership with NextWave

Leading Together

Leading Together  – Strategies for Resilience and Effectiveness in the New Environment

Sheffield Haworth and NextWave are pleased to introduce the first in our ‘Perspectives’ series of webinars. Each Panel will explore a topic that clients have identified as being of key strategic importance to their future success.
The first panel discussed Strategies for Resilience & Effectiveness in the New Environment. Covid-19 has been enormously disruptive to the economy, including financial services. In an already challenging environment, the pandemic and its economic impacts add additional uncertainties. A key challenge to financial institutions is how Leadership can effectively ensure that the workforce is best equipped to succeed in an increasingly Virtual and Distributed environment.   
In response to recent events it is more important than ever to ensure virtual and distributed teams are performing the best they can. The challenges are numerous – but it is up to leaders to set the tone.  The importance of building a foundation on the right behaviours has never been more paramount.   

Chaired by Tony Clark, Founder & CEO, NextWave, our expert Panel is comprised of:

  • Tim McEwan – MD, Talent Development & Advisory, Sheffield Haworth
  • Simon Kanani – Programme Director & Executive Resilience Coach
  • Craig Preston – Consultancy MD & Executive Performance Coach

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Why should I watch?

In this 45 minute webinar, our expert panel, comprised of coaching, leadership and transformation specialists will share knowledge, best practice and tips on:
  • How individuals can increase emotional resilience and manage stress
  • How to build high performing teams
  • Remote leadership – strategies for success