Press Release: Sheffield Haworth opens new office in China

Sheffield Haworth is delighted to announce the opening of a new China office in Shanghai. Recognised as a global commercial and financial hub, this additional location complements the firm’s strong position and existing presence in the Asia Pacific region, alongside offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Mumbai and Delhi.


The decision to locate the office in Shanghai follows recent additions to the team that support our client’s needs in the region.  Following the appointment of Yen Pin Ng earlier this year to lead the Asia Pacific Technology, Business & Professional Services Practice, coupled with our established Financial Services team in the region, the new entity in Shanghai ensures that Sheffield Haworth is able to fully service clients across mainland China with a full range of People Consulting Services.


Commenting on the expansion, Alex Cormack, Group Managing Director, Sheffield Haworth, said, “We are delighted to have a physical presence in Mainland China. We have a growing team of Chinese speakers in Asia and Sheffield Haworth (协辅斯) is now better positioned to serve our clients’ demands through deeper knowledge and expertise at a local level, and the ability to connect businesses globally through our networks.”


Sheffield Haworth’s new office is located at Xintiandi, centrally located to clients that operate across a wide range of sectors.

协辅斯(Sheffield Haworth)很高兴宣布中国上海办公室正式成立。上海作为全球商业和金融中心,是我司继中国香港、新加坡、悉尼、墨尔本、孟买和德里办公室之后,新增在亚太地区的办公地点,意在更加增强我司在亚太地区的地位和实力。


我司成立上海办公室前,为满足客户在中国的需求,已招募上海团队新员工。继今年年初,我司任命黄彦斌(Yen Pin Ng)为董事总经理,领导亚太科技,商业和专业服务业务团队,并与我司在该地区已有的金融服务团队全力合作以来,上海办公室的成立确保了协辅斯能够为中国大陆的客户提供全方位的人力咨询服务。


协辅斯全球董事总经理阿里克斯·考麦克(Alex Cormack)在谈及上海办公室的成立时表示:“我们很高兴能在中国建立一个新的办公实体。我们目前在亚洲已拥有一支不断壮大的中英双语团队。协辅斯现得以通过对本地市场的深入了解和专业经验,以及全球联通的业务网络,帮助客户更好地实现其需求。”




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