The Power of Creativity Series

in partnership with the University of Arts London

Image created by: Catarina Fonseca Chaica


From the fortieth floor to the factory floor, every company needs creative people – problem solvers who embrace change and clearly communicate new ideas.

Over the coming months, Sheffield Haworth is releasing a series of articles about the importance of creativity in the world of work. To do this, we have partnered with University of the Arts London (UAL) who bring a unique set of insights into the application of creativity in the work place.  Together, we want to start a conversation and really engage with you and your people on this vital issue.

For instance, have you thought about whether your business recognises and focuses on creativity when recruiting? And if you have, can you nurture it? Can you use it to your company’s advantage?  Read more….


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Our Previous Talks

To find out more about harnessing creativity in your organisation please contact Tim McEwan or Ben Johnson.