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Our special Space Tech edition of our Insight magazine is now available, featuring interviews with Corentin Guillo– Bird.i, Mick O’Connor – Prestwick Spaceport, Matthew Smith – AstroAgency, Stuart Mills – STAR Dundee and Peter Young – GSI & Scottish Space Leadership Council  Read now.

SH Gillamor Stephens  focus on building and developing some of the most exciting Deep Tech companies in the world.

We work with hardware and systems companies that are true disruptors in their markets. This includes battery chemistry, EV, space tech (satellites and launchers), photonics, semiconductors, advanced materials, IOT, AI chips sets, flexible displays, solar energy and industrial IoT.

Many of these companies were born out of academic research at leading universities or research institutions and have moved through seed funding, to securing significant A/B round investments and beyond.

Our client base is predominantly across Europe but we use our networks across regions to source talent globally.

We support companies as they define their Board and Executive needs to enable them to grow their businesses. From talent mapping and benchmarking internal expectations with the market, to reaching out to the global talent market and running a retained Executive Search process.

Our passion, expertise and focus makes us the first port of call for investors and Boards.

If you’re a Deep Tech business and require some advice about your organisation’s talent requirements please contact us for a confidential conversation on

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Example Searches

PV Wafer Manufacturing

   Chief Executive Officer



Haptic Touch Technology

Chief Financial Officer
Vice President – Product


Imaging Satellites

Vice-President, Global Sales
Vice-President, Space Missions
Vice-President, Software (Finland)
Vice-President, Marketing
Vice-President, People

3D Printing Systems




Revolutionary Antenna Technology

Chief Executive Officer



Satellite Launch System

Chief Financial Officer
Head of Structures

Sensor Technology

Non-Executive Chair


Photonic Transceivers

Chief Financial Officer (Netherlands) 
Supply Chain Director

Construction Sector IoT



Haptic Response



“Gillamor Stephens started working with ICEYE in 2018 when there were just 60 people in our HQ in Espoo, Finland. The Gillamor Stephens team, led by Paul Gillespie, has supported the growth of the company through building our VP team initially as a satellite constellation company that wanted to sell data and latterly as an analytics & insights company with a constellation of satellites. Some key hires which enabled this transition include the VP Software, VP Analytics and Head of Data Science. One of the most important hires we have made has been the CFO, where we needed not just someone to lead the finance function, but able to support the strategy execution across the business. The Gillamor Stephens team has always been open and added value as we plan and execute each hire. Most importantly, they have always delivered, bringing world class talent to ICEYE from around the world. They also hired me!”

Steven Scheers, Chief People & Culture Officer

“We reached out to SH Gillamor Stephens as we looked to hire a CFO. It was not a classic CFO profile as we needed proven experience of both debt financing and of operating in Africa. We worked closely with the team at SH Gillamor Stephens to refine the job specification, which resulted in a strong shortlist from which we have made an excellent hire.”

Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Azuri Technologies

“We always set the bar high in terms of the suppliers we work with and the people we hire. We first worked with Gillamor Stephens to hire a Business Development Manager as we looked to expand our commercial team, we shortlisted some excellent candidates and we make a great hire. We then asked GS to hire a Director of Operations to run our new manufacturing facility, a critical role, resulting in another great hire. Gillamor Stephens has demonstrated the ability to quickly understand our business and its culture, resulting in the successful appointment of key employees. The quality of candidates presented has always been strong and the team always responsive, showing genuine enthusiasm for us and our business. We have been most impressed by the positive feedback received from our candidates, which is something we greatly value.”

Rachael Wallwork, Head of HR, Yasa

We specialise in:

  • Board Appointments: Chair, Non-Executive Directors and Advisory Boards
  • Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors
  • Chief Technology Officers and Head of Engineering
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Sales and Marketing Leadership
  • Chief Operations Officers, and Operations Management

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Paul Gillespie

Managing Director

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Yen Pin Ng

Managing Director
Shanghai, Singapore

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Ian Mullett

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