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Delivering proprietary information, data and insights on people and organisations

Data insights through automated tools and reporting has become common place for volume hiring. We believe executive search is the next sector to be disrupted

Innovative technologies to give you the data insights you need

There is an opportunity to improve the sourcing, selection, placement and onboarding of senior executives, relying upon data from organisation staffing models, skills make up of new jobs, psychometric trends for individual leaders, and metrics from the search process itself. 

Increasingly clients want more efficient and transparent data-led processed with real-time updates and immediate access to ongoing assignments and projects.

That’s why we have developed and partnered with organisations to provide innovative technologies to give you the people data insights you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Our solutions include:

Invenias Client Portal – Connecting all stakeholders
throughout the process

Sheffield Haworth has partnered with our long-standing CRM partner, Invenias by Bullhorn, to provide you with a seamless experience to access live assignments and projects. Our dedicated client portal gives you direct and secure web access to view real-time updates on projects, ensuring greater efficiency, collaboration and feedback throughout the process.

Please see below a selection of client testimonials:

Talnt – A new way to deliver people news and analysis

TALNT is a leading advanced reporting and data enterprise solution built to provide transparency and analysis on global people moves.

Benefits of using Talnt:

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting and data enterprise solution built to provide transparency and analysis on people moves


Keeps users on top of their market by tracking new appointments, departures and hires from thousands of daily curated news sources

Data Analysis

Delivers unique people data analysis to support management decisions for investment and corporate strategy

More efficient

Saves users time and resource costs creating operational efficiencies and improved work-flows

Our specialists

Tim Sheffield
Tim Sheffield

Executive Chairman

Georgina Harley
Georgina Harley

Group Managing Director

Cameron Berry

Head of Knowledge Management & Research

Fatiha Belorf

Talnt Product Manager

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