In A Shifting Global Paradigm, Female Leaders Have An Opportunity To Shape The Future

Helen Tudor from Sheffield Haworth asked Sam Wallace from UPWARD to explore how recent events may mark a turning point for female leadership.

Just a few weeks ago a typical weekend for many would include dinner with friends, a Saturday birthday party or playdate, maybe even brunch and a movie. No one worried about toilet paper or facemasks and the US election or post Brexit discussions would rage on. Today, it’s like we’ve gone back in time.

Family life in the era of social distancing and quarantine seems more like the 1950s. Amid fear of food shortages, people are starting to plant backyard vegetable plots again, so much so that seeds are running scarce in some communities, Facebook is rife with proud new chefs showing off their sourdough bread and flour is now in high demand. Meals are once again all home-cooked, and in the absence of babysitters and cleaners, all of the household chores have to be self-managed. On top of that, 1.5 billion students around the world are now being home schooled. Through this, people all over the world are adapting, when we don’t have access to care givers, we must become them.

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