Sheffield Haworth COVID Policy


Sheffield Haworth is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, and visitors.  The Company aims to ensure that everyone in the office has a safe and comfortable environment in which to work.

Every employee shall take reasonable care of their own health and safety and for that of other people.  All employees and co-workers are expected to co-operate with the organisation’s health and safety policy and procedures.

Sheffield Haworth is committed to developing a culture that supports the management of Health, Safety and Wellbeing at all levels and shall ensure the necessary financial and physical resources, the competency of its employees and co-workers and the provision of any necessary expert advice to support the health and safety system.

This policy is aimed at sharing our procedures and policy in relation to the Coronavirus including:

  1. The results of our COVID risk assessment
  2. What actions we have taken and are continuing to take
  3. Employee responsibilities
  4. Contractor and visitor responsibilities

This policy should be read prior to returning to the office by all employees so that everyone can return to a safe environment that is as risk free as possible. In addition to our policies and procedures, there are building-specific procedures that all staff must adhere to when entering and exiting the premises.

COVID Risk Assessment

A risk assessment has been carried out in relation to the work-activities at Sheffield Haworth, our premises and how we will mitigate the risks to prevent transmission of the virus. This risk assessment will be reviewed frequently and updated where required. We are committed to monitoring the advice from Public Health England and the WHO in relation to COVID-19, the symptoms and guidance to ensure we keep all staff and visitors to our premises safe.

If you have questions relating to the risk assessment, you can contact HR.

Employee Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure they adhere to Health and Safety at Work regulations, including Coronavirus procedures. All employees must ensure they:

  1. Do not come to work if they feel unwell and are showing any of the symptoms which can be found here on the NHS website.
  2. Follow government advice in relation to self-isolation and do not return to work until you have completed this period of isolation and / or have been signed off by a medical professional.
  3. Make us aware if they are high-risk or in a household with any individuals who are high-risk and have been instructed to shield.
  4. When entering the building and the office, adhere to the procedures set out, including:
  • Using antibacterial hand sanitiser when you enter the main entrance
  • Frequently wash / sanitise your hands
  • Avoid touching your face
  • If you cough or sneeze, do so in the crook of your arm or into a tissue – dispose of it immediately and wash your hands
  • Adhere to the meeting room and break-out/kitchenette and print room capacities
  • Try to keep meetings in confined spaces to less than 15 minutes, where this is not possible, we encourage the use of face masks
  • Wipe down surfaces, equipment and other common touch points before and / or after use wherever possible e.g. coffee machine, water tap, toaster etc.
  • Maintain a clear desk at the end of each working day – any items not removed will be placed in a box by our cleaning team for collection at a later date

5.  Alert us to any issues you identify.
6.  Evacuate the building quickly and safely should an emergency evacuation be required. All directional / one-way signage can be disregarded in these circumstances, employees must ensure they evacuate the building via their nearest and safest exit.


Visitor & Contractor Responsibilities

We have a responsibility to ensure that anyone entering our premises are kept safe, and this is particularly important where Coronavirus is concerned to ensure that our employees are kept safe too. All visitors and contractors must:

  1. Virtually sign in and out with reception so that we have a system of tracking and tracing, should there be an outbreak.
  2. Adhere to the one-way system, directional signage and use antibacterial sanitiser when entering the premises.
  3. Maintain social distancing rules wherever possible, where this is not possible, we encourage the use of a face covering.
  4. Avoid using seating which has been blocked off/restricted and adhering to our meeting room capacities.
  5. Frequently wash their hands / sanitise when possible.
  6. For contractors who are carrying out physical work e.g. maintenance/servicing, they are asked to do so wherever possible out of hours and wear PPE (e.g. gloves, face covering) for task-specific activities.
  7. All contractors must provide Sheffield Haworth with their RAMS and COVID-19 Risk Assessment in advance of coming to site to carry out work.
  8. No contractors or visitors should enter our premises if they feel unwell or are displaying any one or more of the Coronavirus symptoms.