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Sheffield Haworth’s Talent Advisory service provides businesses with a range of talent advisory and consulting services, providing expert advice and solutions to board directors and senior executives across financial services, business & professional services and technology.  One of our main areas of expertise is Sheffield Haworth’s strategic talent solution for succession planning.

Whether the requirement for succession planning is a simple risk mitigation exercise, or a more complicated strategy to build future talent to transform or restructure a business or to address diversity and capability gaps, businesses often find there is a lack of identified internal talent with the requisite future capabilities, potential and aspirations. It is also critical to benchmark internal talent against external options to best assess all available future leadership options for your organisation.

Sheffield Haworth’s Talent Advisory practice provides unique solutions to these issues.  We partner with our clients to provide a fully integrated internal and external strategic management solution suited for senior leadership and business critical roles.  By reviewing, mapping, identifying, qualifying and engaging with exceptional external talent, we are able to provide you with a pipeline of ‘ready-now’ and future external successors to supplement your own internal talent pool and to create a more complete view of the internal and external pipeline.  We benchmark the external talent against your internal successors, introduce them to your business and once mutual interest is ascertained, manage the relationship on your behalf over the medium to long term, until a need arises.

This solution can be tailored to suit your strategy, budget and timelines and will include a wealth of ancillary information including: up-to-date competitor insights and structures, market and talent data, compensation benchmarking and other important information relevant to you and your business which is constantly updated and refreshed.

Our Talent Advisory practice has a wealth of experience in talent management strategies with proven in-house experience leading succession planning and talent strategies in large global organisations.   We are keen to discuss your on-going talent challenges with you and to outline how we can provide solutions to strategic succession planning.

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