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As an AESC executive search firm, Sheffield Haworth employs a unique methodology for completing market analysis and screening candidates. Below is an outline of our search methodology, which we employ consistently throughout each engagement to ensure a high level of ethical standards.

Engagement & Commencement

We immediately bring together a team of consultants to establish an initial search strategy, including the target regions and companies (competitors, disruptors and/or outside industry), and the search criteria. We review and confirm the specifications of the role, including required skills, responsibilities, reporting and more. We then carry out any initial research required to better understand the assignment and current market conditions.

Timeline: 1 to 3 Days

Project Definition

Next, we’ll meet with the client to review our proposed search strategy as well as the findings of our research. This is often a working meeting and we use this time to review, refine and agree on our search strategy, the position specification and target/benchmark candidates. At the end, we’ll have full client agreement and approval of our strategy.

Timeline: Week 1

Initial Research

We’ll again meet with the client to present and review our initial findings from the search. This will include a list of our 20 primary target candidates as well as our point-of-view of their abilities and fit. We’ll also present to the client new intelligence gathered through our outreach and research, including overall market perception of the position and the client organisation.

Timeline: Week 3

Assessment & Shortlist

By this point in the assignment, our consulting team will have at minimum interviewed and appraised all primary candidates for the position and spoken with at least 75% of targeted research on these candidates. This meeting will include a presentation of at least three short-listed candidates as well as our assessments of their knowledge and fit for the organisation (based on the approved search criteria).

Timeline: Week 6

Quality Review

At this point, we will have employed a “Mid-Search Quality Check,” using an independent consultant. We’ll then meet with the client to review and/or adjust our search and selection criteria as we narrow down final candidates. This meeting will also cover findings from our most recent round of interviews and assessments and highlight which candidate/s that should be brought in for final review.

Timeline: Week 8

Completion & Onboarding

In the last stage of the search, our consulting team carries out formal referencing and credential checks of the final candidate/s, identified a successful hire, coached the finalist through the offer negotiations, and settled on a timeline for his or her start. We’ll then conduct a thorough review of the process and the client will be asked to participate in a satisfaction assessment.

Timeline: Week 12

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